Why do we use professional hair and makeup?

There are many reasons as to why the use of professional hair and makeup is encouraged in photography. At Stacy Kennedy Photography, we want to make your senior pictures memorable and unique–Just like you! Read this blog to understand a little more on why we work directly with stylists to ensure our senior girls feel their best.

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We want you to be stress free.

On the day of your shoot, you will have enough to think about and do, so this eliminates a huge portion of the work! After you gather your outfits, shoes, accessories, and other belongings, you can make your way to the salon and begin the process.

Our stylists will follow exactly what guidelines you give them to make sure you look and feel your best. Having less stress on the day of your senior session will help even flow so much better!

Professional means it will last!

Our stylists are educated and do this every day, which means they are going to use techniques that will make everything last. Whether it is the hairspray they use, or the mascara on your lashes, none of it is going anywhere!

In the windy and humid state we live in, makeup will melt and hair will fall flat. To ensure that your images are amazing, we have to ensure that these things will not happen!

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Lights & techniques

With professional photography, there comes different lighting scenarios. Now, makeup looks very different in different types of lighting. Luckily, our stylists know exactly how we manipulate the lighting and the type of editing used, so they are our right hand in this!

The use of airbrush makeup is extremely critical in leaving your skin looked fresh and clean. There is no need to worry about looking washed out or flat!

Airbrush makeup isn’t as crazy as it sounds!

Sometimes it can sound a bit intense to those who have never experienced airbrush makeup. There is an importance to this, and it is that it enhances your best features without layering and caking on different liquids and powders.

You will look incredibly natural, while still adding a smoothness and freshness to your natural beauty.

It is all for your benefit.

We want this experience and outcome to be exactly what you were hoping it would be. Between the session preparation, the pampering from the stylists, and receiving your images after it is all done, you will wish to do it all over again! We want you to love this process as much as we do!

We work with three stylists in the Fargo/Moorhead area, that we love with all our hearts! Find them on Instagram:

Meresa Schroeder: @millionhairbymeresa

Ashley Trappen: @ashleytrappen

Jordan VanWechel: @grinandbareitbeauty

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