What to wear for senior pictures!

So you’ve decided that it’s time to get your senior pictures taken. That’s great!

It’s important to figure out what kind of clothing you want to wear for your photos—you want to make sure that you look like yourself, but also that you look good. Here are some tips for picking out outfits for your pictures:

what to wear for senior pictures

Show off your personality.

What do YOU want your senior pictures to say about YOU? You should feel comfortable in the clothes you wear for your pictures, so choose something that fits your personality and makes you feel great.

Stylize for your body type.

Make sure the clothes aren’t too big or too small. Wearing outfits that fit your body type properly will make a difference on how you look in your senior pictures. Make sure the clothes aren’t too big or too small and try to accentuate your favorite features.

what to wear for senior pictures

Keep one outfit timeless.

This is just an outfit that will never go out of style—so if you’re not sure what kinds of things are “in” right now, this is a good place to start. You can always add trendy elements later on if you want them!

Be trendy for the rest.

If you’re going to have one outfit that follows the trends If there are specific trends this season that are important to, make sure it’s true to who YOU are and what YOU like. We love fashion and being on point – but it’s important to be yourself!

what to wear for senior pictures

Show off your school spirit.

If there are any sports or clubs where you participate regularly, make sure to plan an outfit around them! This will show off your individuality and give your senior pictures something unique to remember about high school.

Wear colors that compliment your skin tone.

When choosing colors for your senior pictures, think about what colors look best on you! If you have pale skin or green eyes, don’t choose reds or oranges. You want to go with soft tones instead—like blues, greens or grays.

what to wear for senior pictures

Layer and accessorize.

Finally, add layers and accessories to your senior picture outfits. These little extra details can really add dimension and style to even the simplest outfit. This is also how you get your every day looks to look as if they were stylized for an editorial shoot.

what to wear for senior pictures

Guide your shopping!

Now you’re ready to shop for senior pictures! We have put together an amazing shopping guide on where to shop for your seniors pictures. Knowing this is half the battle. The shops in our guide are places that know the trends and can help you stylize your outfits.

Some even offer discounts!!


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