What Not to Wear for Your Senior Photos

We all know that the way we dress is one of the best ways to express ourselves, and you want that to be shown in your photos! But, there are somethings that may not work the way you are wanting them to!

stacy kennedy photography outfit tips for senior pictures

Neon Colors

If you have ever seen that color as a highlighter, do not wear it for your senior photos. As much as you want to stand out in your images, it is very hard to blend well with your backgrounds. Luckily, Stacy’s techniques and editing make sure you are the sole focus if the image–even if you are wearing a very neutral color!

Comfort is key!

Let’s go against the saying “Beauty is pain,” for a minute here… You are not going to want to be scratching and pulling at your outfits throughout your session–Trust me! You may feel a little out-of-place in front of the camera if it is your first time, so you are going to want to have somewhat comfortable clothes so you aren’t experiencing too many frustrations at once.

what not to wear for senior pictures stacy kennedy photographer

Graphic Tees

While graphic tees are perfectly ok for your senior photos, you have to be careful about the content. Now look, I know that Budweiser shirt is ADORABLE, but maybe save that for a more casual photoshoot with your friends. A good vintage tee is a great choice but make sure you are not advertising inappropriate things. Also, be careful your shirt is not too distracting to where to takes away from you sole focus: You!

Make Sure to Match Your Tone

Have you ever been told that a certain looks really good on you? That is likely because it works very well with your skin tone. This is something that is vital to making you stand out in your outfits and look even better in your photos. Each skin tone looks best with a range of colors, so try it out and find something new to try out! Become an email subscriber to gain access to information about matching your skin tone.


When photographing, we want everything to look amazing. If you have been storing your dress shirt in a pile of clothes for three days before your session, it will likely be very wrinkled! Make sure you throw it for a cycle in the dryer, steam it, or iron it prior to your session. When traveling with the outfits, make sure to hang them as best as you can so they remain wrinkle-free.

what to wear for senior pictures stacy kennedy photography

Too Big, Too Small

Oversized tops are in and we are here for it! But, you must be mindful if you plan to where one for your senior pictures. When wearing a looser fitting top, you should try to stay away from loose pants as well. If you wear a loose top with wide legged jeans, it can be very difficult to capture your natural figure and alter the way your body looks.

Along with that, you should be careful with too tight of clothes. If you wear things that are too tight, you could possibly have a wardrobe malfunction/ Also, it creates less dimension to yourself and the image. The biggest thing: Make sure your tops are not too short/low cut and your bottoms are not too short (including dresses).

Dress For Your Body Type

We are all aware of what looks good on us and what may not look the best. Although, sometimes it can be hard to trick your brain into noticing that it may not look the best if you really like a piece or outfit.

Jeans are some of the hardest things to get right, we get it! When it comes to buying jeans, remember this tip: If the front panel of your jeans has a line facing down, or frowning, they are too big. If the front panel is facing up, or smiling, they are too small. The right size should not have a line and should be almost 100% flush to your body… Don’t let that discourage you, just keep searching for the perfect pair!

how to dress for senior pictures

Midwest Wind

The wind is very unpredictable in our area, and dresses are such a hazard for us girls. As cute as it is to get a cute Marilyn Monroe vibe, we don’t want to show everything to everyone around us, right? The best solution to this is to throw on a pair of spandex/spanks/shorts underneath your dress to make sure it is not the biggest deal if your dress decided to catch wind! With that, make sure they are a light or nude color, and are not showing out of your skirt or dress.

Moire Effect

Pinstripes are a pattern on clothing items that are thin lines, in any direction, that can create this weird effect in photography, called Moire. When this design is photographed, it can make the pattern look misshaped and not how it should. To be safe, stay away from pinstripes!

Transition Lenses & Glasses

As functional as transition lenses are for normal wear, they cannot be photographed. If you are wearing them, we will not be able to see your eyes. You can opt for contacts, or just simply slipping your glasses on and off throughout the shoot!

As for glasses in general, we ask that you pop the lenses out of the frame (wear contacts if you would like). They can create a glare in your images that is very, very hard to edit out. With the lenses removed, it looks normal! You can go to your eye doctor to help with this, and it usually only takes a couple minutes if you call in advance to let them know!

senior pictures with glasses stacy kennedy photography

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