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Urba | Senior Pictures

Like most guys looking for a Senior Photographer, Urba came to me not really sure of what he wanted. He knew he wanted an image for the year book, but from there, it was an unknown. That’s where I got excited! Helping seniors navigate on a session design is what i do!!

Due to the cold climate, we wanted to keep Urba’s senior session in doors. I loved that he was very interested in a classic, modern take on his senior pictures. And that’s exactly what we did by utilizing a couple of my back drop options. One being a neutral charcoal and another being a pop color to create some pizazz!

Urba did a wonderful job creating multiple looks while laughing, being serious, or having a tiny smirk. Note, friends, this is not an easy task for most! Check out some of the great senior portraits that Urba and I created.

This senior session took place in my studio located in Fargo, ND. If you’re interested in learning more about senior sessions, please fill out the contact form and I’ll send you more info.

Booking 2019 high school grads!

Currently reserving July/August session dates.

Spots are LIMITED!

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