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Welcome to Rising Above: Empowering Our Seniors - a program designed to recognize the incredible strength and resilience of high school seniors.

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What's included?

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We believe in the power of a supportive community, and we want to offer these remarkable individuals an amazing experience.

Imagine a senior who, despite enduring unimaginable challenges, continues to shine bright like a star. It’s truly inspiring, isn’t it? This program is our way of showing them that they are valued and cherished.

We’re offering a FREE senior photoshoot experience, complete with professional hair and makeup, valued at $3200! It’s a small gesture to make them feel extra special during this significant chapter of their lives.

Nominate a deserving senior by filling out our private form. Nominations are open from September 15th to September 24th, 2023. Together, let’s make their senior year unforgettable.

Join us in creating an experience that will last a lifetime. We’re eager to hear your stories and meet these extraordinary seniors.

nominate a senior

Our reputation for capturing stunning, editorial-style images has made us the top choice for seniors looking to create extraordinary portraits that reflect their individuality. 

Nominate an extraordinary senior for a chance to be part of this incredible experience.

Nominations open from September 15th to September 24th, 2023.

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