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True Beauty is gaining momentum and I want to keep it going. We had great success with our True Beauty session last year so we’ve decided to go for a second year.

True Beauty photoshoot is an upcoming fun and exciting fundraiser for Red River Infinity.  It’s an opportunity to empower and embrace girls and young women with their natural beauty of who they are.

Our mission: redefine what true beauty really is and showcase that beauty amongst all the images portrayed on social media. To do this, we will remove the makeup, the filters, and the brands. What will be left, is a portrait that is powerful and uniquely beautiful.

This photoshoot is also a fundraiser, where 10% proceeds will go to Red River Infinity. Red River Infinity’s volleyball program philosophy is to develop the volleyball skills of girls in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Their mission and the mission of their coaches are to help players learn life lessons and develop positive character traits through volleyball. Their club is a community-based, non-profit organization committed to training and developing student athletes through competitive participation in the sport of volleyball.

How do I get involved?

Photoshoot Fundraiser Red River Infinity

If you are 10-18 years old and are ready to stand-up and free yourself, then this photo shoot experience is exactly what you need!

This True Beauty photoshoot is a 20 minute session held January 17th, 2022 at Stacy Kennedy Photography’s studio in Fargo. To book your spot, there’s a $50 non-refundable session fee. After the photoshoot has been completed, you will receive a link to an online viewing gallery where you can select 5 images to download. Your gallery will be ready approximately one week after the shoot. You’ll also have the option to invest in additional images or the entire gallery at a discounted rate! Remember, Red River Infinity Volleyball will receive 10% of all session fees and orders.

Maybe you have a best friend, sister, cousin etc. and you want to take some pictures together, we can do that!! Just book adjacent sessions and I’ll squeeze in some group shots. Anyone part of the group booking needs to show up at the first time slot scheduled for that group.

You do not need to be an affiliate of Red River Infinity to participate in this photoshoot.

What to Wear

Keep it simple.  The emphasis of the project is to connect through emotion and body language, not showing off the latest fashion trends.  Jeans or jean shorts and a white or black top is usually the go-to outfit.  We also recommend a white or black flowy dress.  Whatever you’re comfortable wearing, that’s usually a good rule of thumb.  We do suggest to the girls to avoid wearing anything that’s busy or has a lot of pattern.

If you’re part of Red River Infinity we request that you also bring your volleyball uniform and a volleyball.

Shoes or no shoes?   We’ve started having girls wear shoes, but the more they got into the session, the more they became comfortable taking them off.   Now we do them without.  It really does add to the natural beauty look. 

Preparation Reminders

Once you’ve been scheduled for your shoot, here are some tips to get ready.

Make-up.  This is pretty obvious.  No make-up means no make-up and that includes using foundation or concealers, mascara or eyeliner.  

Hair. For hair management, this is totally up to you.  Some girls like straightening or to curl their hair before the shoot.  Some girls put it up in bun or a pony tail.  To us, it doesn’t really matter what you do, because we feel it doesn’t take away from the overall natural beauty.

Skin.  Most girls are really good with washing their face and using moisturizer the night before the shoot.  

Lips.  No lipstick or glosses of course.  Just make sure you use lip balm beforehand to prevent chapped lips.

Nails.  We usually ask all participants not to wear any polish or if you do, please have them painted nude, white or just keep them plain.  As long as they’re not chipped, we’ll be fine. 

Photoshoot Fundraiser Red River Infinity

We’re excited to coordinate with Red River Infinity! Want to donate to Red River Infinity? Even if you don’t do the photoshoot, you can still get involved by donating online.


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