How to Organize Your Senior Graduation Picture Board Ideas

Do you have high school senior graduation picture board ideas? Organize your inspirational content and make a vision board on Pinterest or Instagram

If you or your teen are like me, you’re very visual and find inspiration from many different things you encounter. What typically comes with the creative brain is a bit of disorganization of these inspiring thoughts and ideas. 

But don’t worry—I’ll walk you through what I recommend to include on your vision board and share some ways you can use Pinterest and Instagram. It’s all about keeping everything in the same spot and keeping the creativity flowing.

Of course, it’s best not to copy things as you see them. Uniqueness and showing off different aspects that make you YOU are key! Adding your own little flare or detail keeps things interesting and allows you to show off your incredible personality.

And that’s where I come in! I’m your hype gal behind the camera, aka your high school senior portrait photographer in Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorhead, Minnesota. And I’ll be the one you show your picture board ideas and vision board to pre-shoot. 

Seeing your vision board before our scheduled photoshoot is so important because it guarantees that we’ll be super aligned. It’ll give me ideas on what venues to shoot at and ease your mind, knowing I know exactly what you’re looking for. Everyone wins!

If you haven’t booked your senior session yet, what are you waiting for? I’d love to work with you, so go ahead and book your or your teen’s senior session. Let’s bring your inspo and ideas to life!

Now, back to the blog…

Keep reading for ways to use Pinterest and Instagram as a vision board and organize your senior graduation picture board ideas. 

Ready? Let’s get into it.

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What to Include in Your Senior Graduation Picture Board

So, do you want to make a senior graduation picture board or a vision board? Good—I highly recommend it!

You’re already on the right track, so go you!

As a high school senior portrait photographer and extremely visual person, I wanted to offer my two cents about what you should include in your vision board. Of course, just use this as a guideline—it may spark more ideas and things you want to include. It’s mainly for you, after all!

And on that note, here are my top six elements I think you should absolutely include in your high school senior grad picture board:

fargo north dakota usa senior portrait photographer takes picture of senior male on rooftop in dress shirt, dress pants, and blue bowtie.


Kind of a no-brainer, but it’s such an important piece in the puzzle! Most would say it is the most important piece.

So, find your style! I wouldn’t recommend branching completely out of your normal go-tos, but see if you can find some fun elements to bring into the mix.

One of my biggest recommendations is to pick your outfit or outfits ahead of time. You may think you react well under pressure—and you’re probably right! However, being organized beforehand can guarantee a more successful and comfortable photoshoot. 

Hair, Nails, and Makeup

This one’s for the girls, guys, and theys! Your hair, nails, and makeup choices are all special moments for you to show off your unique style and personality. 

Though they’re smaller elements in the grand scheme of things, don’t skip over them! Good things come in small packages, after all. 

Locations, Landscapes, and Environments

Finding the best photoshoot location(s) for your senior portrait session really sets the tone and allows your personality to shine! Picking spots that are really significant to you or spaces you align with that make you feel great are awesome ways to up the good vibes and calm your nerves. 

female high school senior hold soccer ball and wears jersey and jeans on soccer field on high school soccer field during senior portrait photoshoot in north dakota.


Play an instrument? Part of an athletic team? Have a really special hobby? Let’s show it off! 

Check out how others have used props in their photoshoots—for high school seniors or not.

Know you’re not a props person? That’s totally fine! But maybe have a little looksie just in case creativity strikes. 

male high school senior student posts during senior portrait photoshoot by trees in fargo north dakota with senior photographer.


Like Madonna said, “Strike a pose, Vogue.” Working your angles is part of it, but having the confidence to be in your natural element is where you’ll truly thrive.

Get some inspo and tips by searching Pinterest and Instagram for poses or looking at tips from models, influencers, and photographers.

On the day of, I’ll be there to direct you! But getting an idea for yourself and practicing in the mirror beforehand will only help make your photoshoot experience even better.

Overall Vibes

Sometimes, an image does something to you and hits you in a different way. Sometimes, it can’t be explained!

Whether the picture is of something you want to include in your photo shoot or it’s demonstrative of the vibe you want to come across in your portraits, include it in your vision board! I’ll help you bring it to life. 

female high school senior student wearing jeans and a white t-shirt and nike shoes walks by glass wall during high school senior portrait photography photoshoot in north dakota.

Creating a Vision Board on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to gain inspiration for so many things. Using it as a tool to create your vision board for your high school senior photo session is no different.

Here are 2 ways to create a vision board on Pinterest:

  1. Create a board and search for elements like I shared above.
  2. Set an intention, write out things you want to include, and then get searching!

Creating a Vision Board on Instagram

Like Pinterest, Instagram is also a helpful tool for vision-boarding and organizing your picture board ideas for your high school senior portrait session.

Here are 2 ways to create a vision board on Instagram:

  1. Turn your Instagram feed into your Pinterest vision board using aesthetic filters.
  2. Write out what you want, search on Pinterest, add images to Canva, and post to Instagram Stories or save it as your phone background.
fargo north dakota high school senior portrait photographer takes a pictures of a female high school senior wearing a floral dress in an empty street.

Bring Your Senior Photo Vision Board to Life

Whether you’re more Pinterest or Instagram or a little bit of both, I hope my vision boarding tips for your senior graduation picture board ideas were helpful! 

My job is to ensure that we bring your vision to life and have a great time along the way! Oh, and I make memories and pictures that you’ll cherish forever.

I’d love it if you’d choose me to partner with you to produce some amazing high school senior grad photos. If you’re keen, go ahead and book a session with me for you or your teen’s senior portraits. 

My fellow visual people need to see a bit more? I don’t blame ya! Check out my portfolio for girls and guys, and take a look at my Instagram (and may as well follow me while you’re at it!). I’ve also put together some helpful guides about what to wear and location scouting for your senior sessions. 

I look forward to connecting with you, bringing your vision board dreams to life, and making your senior photo session the best experience!


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