3 Tips to Get the Natural Makeup Look

We do senior pictures for girls that only wear mascara to girls that wouldn’t walk out of the house without their false lashes. But one of the main requests we get is that they want to look NATURAL! Here are 3 Tips to Get the Natural Makeup Look. 

We reached out to one of the best makeup artists in the area, Meresa (owner of Millionhair by Meresa), for some tips when doing a natural makeup look and this is what she said…

Tip 1: Less is more for natural makeup.

Less Is More when it comes to natural makeup. It is meant to enhance your features rather than disguise flaws. Not saying full glam makeup isn’t fun or for occasions, it’s just not practical for everyday use, like for school or work. Another plus about natural make up is you don’t have to know any special techniques. 

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Tip 2: Cleanse & moisturize to keep that natural look.

Before you start, you need to prep your skin for the application. That means cleanse and moisturize. What kind of moisturizer you will use depends on your skin type. My skin is drier so I like to use Tula beauty sleep

Tip 3: Prime for your natural makeup look.

Next you will need a primer. This will give you a smooth surface, help your foundation stay in place and prevent your skin from absorbing the make up. The primer type will also vary by skin type. For dryer skin, I like to use urban decays all nighter ultra glow primer. For oily, skin I would use urban decays all nighter primer.

Now that you know 3 Tips to Get the Natural Makeup Look, get more by getting our FREE Makeup Guide! You can also check out some other tips that we offer our seniors here: 4 Tips in Posing Hands | Senior Pictures.

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