How to Write a Thank You Card for Grad Party Attendees

Writing thank you cards can be the most daunting task of your graduation, and we get it–No one wants to write the same thing over and over again. But, we have the easiest guide to help you organize this task!

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Be personal!

Step one to your writing is to correctly address the receiver of the card. It is important to take the time to make your cards personal, instead of having it unlabeled and not individualized. These people put the effort to see you and celebrate your accomplishments, so make sure to be just as kind.

Along with that, it is important to note what the gifted you with. Whether it was money, or simply their presence, make it known that you appreciate it. For example, let Grandma and Grandpa know that the $20 they gifted you is very helpful to you.

What are your plans with the gift?

With addressing your appreciation for the gift itself, make sure to tell them how you plan to use it. If they gave you money, tell them what you plan to do with it (traveling, college, a new car, etc.) If they gave you a hand-knit blanket, tell them where you plan to lay it (on the couch in your new apartment, in your dorm, etc.).You get the idea!

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Effort is everything!

Some of your guests traveled form down the street, some traveled form across the country. Either way, they showed up for you and you should thank them for that. Whether they are your neighbor, your friend, or your family member, you should thank them accordingly… Thank your neighbor for helping set up your garage for the party, thank your friend for always for having your back, or thank your family member for coming out to see you.

Now what?

When ending your thank you card, make a note of your plans. Not everyone is doing the same thing after college and people are interested in that type of thing. Are you going to college? Where? For what? Or maybe your traveling! Where to? For how long? Let them know your plans and how they made an impact on that path of yours (financially, emotionally, etc.).

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It’s the little things.

Hand-written letters, let alone thank you’s are the best. Everyone will appreciate your kindness, your effort, and your gesture. These people wanted to celebrate the past 12 years of your education and congratulate you! Now it is time to thank them for that!

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