How to use your senior pictures at your graduation party!

How to use your senior pictures at your graduation party

You only graduate once, and you will treasure your senior pictures for a very long time– The guests at your graduation party will too! It can be difficult to accumulate the right ideas to fit you and your wishes… So we created a guide for you to follow. Well, us– With the help of experience and Pinterest! 

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Picking the images

Obviously we hope that you love all of your images and want to display them all, but you may limited space or limited supplies. When picking the images you would like to showcase, it is important to ensure that the chosen images showcase who you are, what your interests are, and what your personality is like. If you have been playing volleyball or football throughout high school, make sure to show off your images with your jersey or ball!

What is your theme?

Depending on the effort you are willing to put in to your grad party, you might include an overall theme throughout your party or open house. If you are having a lot of wood tones in your theme, you can display your images against an old wooden barn door, an old farm window, or even wood pallets! These things are fairly easy to find online. 

Who is coming?

Whether you have a big family or smaller family, you may want to consider having printed photos for your guests. This is not seen often, but when it has been–It has been a huge success with the family members. You can choose to do bigger prints, or something as simple as a wallet-sized print. Grandma and grandpa would love to take home a 5×7 to frame on their mantel or TV stand!

Image sizing

If you are wanting to fit many images into a frame, onto a board, or whatever you choose, don’t forget that you can cut your images to fit your needs. Say you print a ton of 5×7 images and they are not fitting, just cut them down to a square shape (maybe a 3.5×3.5) and they will fit better. The detailing around your images is amazing, but you are the center of attention on the day of your grad party!

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Props & Table Settings

Your grad party is likely to consist of whatever food you choose, so your tables will be a huge part of your celebration and this is where people will be seated for a long period of time. It is always fun to see images showcased on the table because you get to sit and admire the senior’s hard work that they have put in over the years. For family members in specific, this is a fun time for them to do what they love– Talk about how much you have grown up and changed! 

Boards and Frames

As previously mentioned, door and windows can be a great way to showcase your images. By adding string around it and using mini clothing pins, you can display smaller prints (which is a great idea if you want to show off all of your images).

Another good way is to use a larger frame with a glass plate and add a large print, or multiple smaller ones, and set them up around your venue, garage, or yard.

Lastly, and the easiest in my opinion, is to buy a tri-fold display board and glue, tape, or tack down to the board. This is super easy, cheap, and can fit many smaller prints!

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Welcome Sign

This is a newer trend that we have seen, and it is super awesome! They are mainly seen at weddings, but your graduation is just as important! It can be a yard sign, or a large frame on an easel. Pick your favorite image of yourself (or your senior), and find a website that creates these signs. 

Albums or Signature Board

Albums are a huge signature piece that Stacy Kennedy Photography is often creating for clients. Most seniors love these because they display it at their grad party and ask people to sign it, or even leave a special note. These books can include your favorite images and you can personalize them in many ways.

Signature boards are similar in the sense that people can sign them, or leave kind words to the senior, but it may be a bit more difficult if you have a longer guest list. For this, you can print your favorite portrait, and put it behind a paper frame. Your friends, family, neighbors, or whoever joins, can sign the outer frame.

Image tables

Image tables are not very common, but they are so fun! Not only does this give you so much more room to fit your pictures, but it also gives you the opportunity to add other photos from your high school years.

All you have to do for this is tape down your images (tape the back) and then lay over a clear vinyl table cover. Easy as pie!

Don’t overthink it!

There is no right or wrong way to display your images! Whether you have every single picture from your high school experience, or only three of your senior photos, you will enjoy your celebration. What really matters are the people that surround you and the love you feel. 

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