How to Pick the Perfect Senior Photographer

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Picking a Senior Photographer

Choosing the best photographer for your senior photos is no easy task. There are so many photographers that you can feel overwhelmed with choosing the right one. No photographer or editing style are the same, so it is important that you choose something that will last. Here are some tips to ensure you make the best choice possible!

What kind of experience do you want?

All photographers have a different way of treating your session. Are you wanting a memorable experience or do you want a “shoot and burn”? A shoot and burn is basically when they show up, take your photos, and burn the images into a USB– no connections are made and it feels more like a task than an experience.

It’s all in the details

When thinking about booking a certain photographer, get all the information you can. How many outfits are you allowed to wear? Can you shoot at different locations? Do they seem to have a genuine care for you and your senior session? Is the photographer assisting you in any of the process? At Stacy Kennedy Photography, we meet with you multiple times and ensure that your session is uniquely tailored to you!

how to pick a senior photographer stacy kennedy photography

Natural & Studio

One of the most important things in photography is lighting. Natural lighting is beautiful and it would be ideal for it to be perfect always, but we don’t always get that. If you choose the right photographer, they will know how to manipulate lighting or provide studio lighting to better the outcome.

Location options

We can all think of the same three locations that everyone in your senior class took their senior photos at. When looking for the right photographer, make sure you go with someone who knows the in’s and out’s of the city your photographing in. Or, even better, someone like Stacy Kennedy! Stacy takes time out of her day to scout the area & pick out the most perfect spots based on your personality, outfits, and your interests.

best senior photographers in fargo nd stacy kennedy photography


Some photographers prefer to do everything themselves, but this also means they will offer less, have a longer turn-around for photos, and they may not be able to guarantee the best outcome. Whereas at Stacy Kennedy Photography, we have a huge team that makes your session the best it possibly could. We have hair & makeup artists, videographers, and assistants (both in-studio and on shoots). All of these combined is an absolute dream for seniors!

how to pick the perfect senior photographer stacy kennedy photography

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