How to move during your senior pictures.

If you keep moving during your photoshoot, your poses will look less stale and awkward. Also, your photographer will get more variety in the shots. Think of the kids song, “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.” All of these body parts can move…well, we really don’t focus on toes, but you get what I’m trying to say.

Below are tips to add movement to your senior picture photoshoot.


Turn & Tilt

Move during your senior pictures

Moving your head in different directions will allow your photographer to get different angles of your face.

Think of your head on a swivel that can move 180 degrees (360 degrees is scary!). As you are being photographed, don’t be afraid to move it slightly, let’s say 15 degrees.

Turn your face slightly to the right every couple shots. When you start feeling your eyes trying to hard to look at the photographer, move your eye line to something off to the right of the photographer. Then, start turning your face back slightly and do the same thing on the left.

The same thing with tilting your head from side to side. Tilting your head, you’re moving the crown of your head close to the shoulder while your chin starts to move up. Do this slightly (15 degrees) to the right until your neck starts to feel tight and then repeat on the left side.

As my seniors are moving their head around, when I see a very pleasing angel, I tell them to stop! But if they don’t move their heads, it’s much harder for me to find those angels. Not all angels are pleasing, but if you don’t try them, you won’t find the best ones.


Forward & Back

Move during your senior pictures

Moving one shoulder forward and the other back, gives your body an angel and angels are much better for shaping the body than straight on. At least for the ladies!! Guys like to look bigger & stronger so they don’t angel as much.

Try bringing one shoulder forward and connecting your chin down to your shoulder. This is a very pleasing pose.

I like to tell my senior girls to give me a slow motion shimmy back and forth with their shoulders. Does it sound weird, yes! But not only do I get great shoulder movement, I also get different serious to laughing facial expressions.


Space & Swing

Move during your senior pictures

Creating space between your arms and your body will make your body look slimmer. Having your arms tightly by your side creates the illusion that your arms are part of your waist, making it look wider than it really is. This is why a lot of photographers tell you to put your hands on your waist or hips. It brings your arms away from your body. But guess what, you can still move them and there are other options.

If you have your right hand on your hip, don’t be afraid to drop it and put your left hand on your hip. You can also do the complete opposite and bring your arms in front and elbows as close together as possible. This allows the photographer to still see each side of your waist.

Have fun with your arms by swinging them slightly around your body from side to side. This motion also moves your shoulders back and forth creating those angels.

Lastly, if you want to create unique poses, remember that your arms can move up and down. Start with your arms up and hands around your head, face, and the back of your neck. Then slowly move your arms down around your torso/chest and lastly, swinging around forearms around your hips.


Walk & Twirl

Move during your senior pictures

Your legs can create the most movement in your senior pictures. Why, because they take your entire body with!!

Take a slow stroll, walking forward or backward. Just remember to keep your stance narrow by bringing one foot in front of the other.

Twirl around and dance! This will definitely show the free spirit in you. Twirling will also create movement in your clothing, especially a dress. Just don’g forget about your face! Keeping your chin out and down while looking at the camera and spinning is a jack pot look!

Legs can also move up and down. I’m not necessarily talking about jazz kicks, which is sometimes a pose if you’re a dancer, I’m talking about bending those knees into your body while pointing those toes. This creates different curves and angels. You can also pop that foot up for some playfulness.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Move during your senior pictures
Move during your senior pictures

All of these movements will make your images feel and look a little more free flowing. Just remember, there’s never a wrong move!!

I love when my seniors move. It gives me different options and angels that I wouldn’t normally see and when I see something I love, I tell me senior. Then we start to get into a rhythm of what’s working.

Now, practice makes perfect. It’s time for you to take these suggestions and practice them in your mirror! Enjoy and have fun with it!!


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