High School Senior Picture Ideas to Fit Your Personality

Do you want to find high school senior picture ideas that will look great and highlight your unique personality? Who doesn’t?

In an age of being overwhelmed and having excess choices, zeroing in on what you want can be hard. Even when you know yourself, your personality traits, and your hobbies, swaying in different directions is completely normal. Trust me, sometimes I can get decision paralysis, too. Especially when I have to make bigger decisions.

Like organizing your high school senior picture ideas—it’s no small task! But it’s necessary to plan ahead. Like the pros, you can’t just walk up on photoshoot day without a plan. Sorting out your thoughts and sharing them with your high school senior photographer (ahem, me!) helps create a solid foundation for a successful shoot day. 

Your photographer should understand the direction you want to take and be aligned with you and your goals so they can make sure they get the shots you want. Your individuality should shine through every step of the way!

That’s why choosing your high school senior portrait photographer is so important. That’s me, the gal behind the camera in Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorhead, Minnesota! I’ll help your unique personality and shine come through at every opportunity—whether it’s the location we’re at or more. When you work with me, that’s a guarantee.  

If you haven’t booked your senior session yet, let’s get it done now! I’d love to hear from you and work together to make your inspo come to life, so go ahead and book your or your teen’s senior session

In this blog, I’ll share examples of high school senior picture ideas for five different personality types. Keep reading for my take! 

female high school senior student posing for senior portraits in library amongst books

High School Senior Picture Ideas for 5 Personality Types

This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Taking your high school senior pictures is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture a special moment in your life. To encompass your entire high school journey into a photoshoot is pretty special. You want to look good and feel good to get the best result!

I consider myself extremely lucky to be the person on the other side of the lens!

To give you a starting point to get some high school senior portrait ideas, I’ve randomly picked five personality types and listed options for locations, outfits, poses, props, and more!

You may not feel like you fit into any of these personality types I’ve used as examples, or you may fit into multiple. Guess what—that’s completely fine! Human beings are never just one thing, and that’s what makes us all so special and different. These are being used purely as examples to give you an idea of how to organize yourself.

Check out the five personality types and their coordinating picture idea elements to start brainstorming your senior portrait photoshoot in Fargo, North Dakota or Moorhead, Minnesota.

female high school senior student posing by lake in minnesota by boats

The Adventurer

Theme: Outdoor explorer
Location: Original Homestead Park, Moorhead, ND
Outfit: Casual outdoor attire includes flannel shirts, hiking boots, jeans, and beanies—maybe even bare feet!

Poses: Action shots like walking along trails, climbing rocks, and candid moments interacting with nature.

Props: Backpack, compass, map, binoculars.

Details: Capture the spirit of adventure with natural backdrops, emphasizing your love for the great outdoors.

male high school senior posing in a grey suit in front of fargo north dakota graffiti wall during portrait photoshoot

The Artist

Theme: Creative soul
Location: Fargo Art Alley, Fargo, ND
Outfit: Simple clothing and patterns that don’t compete with the intricate graffiti style or your own art.

Poses: Posing with artworks, creating art (painting, drawing), reflective and thoughtful expressions.

Props: Easel, canvas, paintbrushes, sketchbooks.

Details: Use the alley’s vibrant graffiti environment to showcase your creativity, capturing you as an artist and your creations.

high school senior female student posing in school library during photoshoot

The Scholar

Theme: Academic achiever
Location: North Dakota State University campus, Fargo, ND
Outfit: Semi-formal attire, such as blazers, dress shirts, skirts, and ties.

Poses: Reading books, standing by academic buildings, working on a laptop, or amongst books in the library.

Props: Books, graduation cap, diploma.

Details: Highlight intellectual pursuits and future ambitions, using the academic setting to frame your achievements.

athletic high school senior female soccer player posing on soccer field in west fargo north dakota

The Athlete

Theme: Sports enthusiast
Location: Your high school, Moorhead, MN or Fargo, ND
Outfit: Sports uniform, athletic gear, team colors.

Poses: In action (shooting a basketball, kicking a soccer ball), candid moments in the locker room or on the field.

Props: Sports equipment (basketball, soccer ball, racket), medals, trophies.

Details: Capture your determination and spirit as an athlete, emphasizing your dedication to your sport.

high school male student during portrait photoshoot posing with drum and drumsticks

The Musician

Theme: Melodic maestro
Location: Bluestem Center for the Arts, Moorhead, MN
Outfit: Concert attire, casual musician style (band t-shirts, jeans, leather jackets).

Poses: Playing instruments, performing on stage, and taking candid shots in rehearsal.

Props: Musical instruments (guitar, violin, keyboard), sheet music.

Details: Use the artistic setting to highlight your passion, capturing both performance and behind-the-scenes moments.

How to Organize Your High School Senior Picture Ideas

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what to include in your high school picture ideas, how the heck do you organize your thoughts?

Get visual with it and use social media as a tool! Specifically with Pinterest and Instagram.

Pinterest is a great way to gain inspiration, so why not use it to create a vision board for your senior portrait session? Two ways you can accomplish this are to: 

Like Pinterest, Instagram can also be used as a tool when putting a vision board together for your high school senior portrait session. Two ways you can use Instagram as a vision board are:

Getting creative and adding your spin to it is all part of the fun! If you’re unsure where to start, I wrote a blog about organizing your senior graduation picture board ideas.

Start Prepping Your High School Senior Picture Ideas

I hope I gave you a good place to jumpstart, think about, and organize your high school senior picture ideas! 

In a world that strangely wants us to be the same, don’t be afraid to show off your uniqueness and let your differences shine. My job is to ensure that it’s all-encompassed into your senior portrait session. And, of course, I’ll bring the good vibes and make you feel comfortable! 

I am here to bring your vision to life, and have a great time along the way! Oh, and I make memories and pictures that you’ll cherish forever.

I’d love it if you’d choose me to make memories with and shoot incredible high school senior grad photos. If you’re down, book a session with me for you or your teen’s senior portraits. 

If you need more convincing, that’s fair! You can check out my portfolio for girls and guys and toss me a follow on Instagram

I look forward to connecting with you, bringing your vision board dreams to life, and making your senior photo session the best experience!


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female high school senior student posing for senior portraits in library amongst books

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