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Faith | Dancing with Flour

Having the opportunity to do a photoshoot with a dancer is the best. As a senior photographer, there are certain ideas I have that might not fit in a typical senior picture setting. Shooting with flour is one of them. Flour can be messy!! But it’s worth it! Being able to create and show movement in images was my main goal.

This session took place in a warehouse in West Fargo, ND thanks to Jake at Pro Lawn. He let us utilize his space knowing that we were going to be messy. It worked perfect!

I first started the session by creating some reflection shots and some classic portraits. I wanted to show the beauty of my dancer, Faith, before we covered her in this awesome baking ingredient.

Next we rolled into the fun part! Faith was given a bag of flour to start throwing around as she did her dance moves. It was wonderful to be able to collaborate with her on these shots. I was constantly saying, “More flour!!”. We even had her mom, Heather, helping as she would sift flour in Faith’s hair for some of the moves.

I’m so happy to have clients, like Faith & Heather, that are willing to try and create unique senior portraits.

If you’re looking for teen or senior pictures, contact me today to set up a time to visit the studio. I’d love to hear what your passion is and how we can personally design a session for you.

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