Being independent and empowering yourself. I’ve found that you’re usually your own road block.



Specializing in Senior portraits isn’t just focusing my entire business on Seniors, but it’s also the education. Each year I collaborate with top, national know, Senior photographers, workshops and conventions to make sure I bring the latest and greatest to your images.



I worked in the fashion industry for over a decade traveling to New York, L.A., Europe & Asia creating and researching trends & styles.



need to know

  • On average I spend a minimum of 8 hours just getting to know my Seniors
  • Each year I make a point to donate time, sessions, and dollars to our community. Giving Hearts Day, BIO Girls, Sheyenne Girls Basketball, Fargo North Dance Team are just to name a few. Donations value to approximately $5000 each year.
  • Limiting the number of Seniors I take on each year has been a blessing so I can give each of them the attention they need. I focus on quality vs quantity. I limit my senior sessions to 35 each year.
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