3 Tips for Picking Your Senior Photographer

3 Tips Picking Senior Photographer

3 tips

to picking a senior photographer!

Picking a senior photographer can be daunting!! Picking the wrong senior photographer can also cost you a lot of money and time you might not have. 

This is why I put together a guide to picking the perfect senior photographer. Here are 3 additional tips to start.

3 Tips Picking Senior Photographer

1. Research

Do your research! I know that it sounds simple, but so many people will ask one friend and then that’s it. There are so many options for photographers. Ask friends, ask family, google…this is just the start. Then you also need to dig into at least 3 of your top faves. 

2. Price

Obviously, the price of a photographer is a factor, I can’t deny that. Just don’t make your sole decision on that one factor. When researching photographers, make sure you understand everything that goes into a session. A photographer that charges $400 and gives you all the images, probably isn’t going to give you the experience, quality, and details that a higher end photographer would. It’s comparing apples and oranges. More important than price, is the connection you have with your photographer!!

3 Tips Picking Senior Photographer
3 Tips Picking Senior Photographer

3. Specialist

If you had troubles with your eyes, would you go see your dentist? So why would you use a wedding photographer to shoot your senior pictures? It’s the same in every industry, you want the best, go to a photographer that specializes in senior pictures! If a photographer’s website is completely catered to weddings, do you think they’re going to give you, a senior session, the same attention as a wedding? Photographers showcase what they want to shoot. I’d want my photographer to showcase seniors. 


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