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3 Tips for Picking Your Prom Picture Location

You’ve got your dress, you’ve got your date, now you want to take those perfect prom pictures to show it all off on your Insta. Don’t let all of your planning go to waste by picking a bad spot for pictures. I’ve put together 3 great tips for finding your prom picture location. There’s also a little bonus at the end of some places I’ve used in Fargo, ND.

1. Shade vs Full Sun

The first thing you’ll want to consider when picking a location is the sun. Photographing in full sun is great for color and vibrancy in a shot, but you will need to have a game plan for the shadows. Either embrace the full sun and use it as a main light (you and your date staring into it), or shoot in the shade. Shooting in the shade, your light will be more diffused and softer. Shade will also be easier on your eyes!

When I shoot in full sun, I use the sun as a studio light or I use it to backlight my subjects. Using it as a backlight, I then use reflectors or studio lights to light my subjects.

2. Overhead Cover

The other reason to have overhead cover is to reduce those shadows underneath the eyes. If you have cover above, the shadow is hugely reduced.

Have you every noticed how great your selfies look in a car and wondered why? The light in this type of setting is diffused and there is no overhead light.

3. Style & Environment

Keep in mind the style, look and feel you want in your pictures. Maybe you have more of a boho, earthy feel to your style. Keeping your background earthy and natural will enhance the style of your shoot.

On the other side, maybe you love bright and have a very colorful personality. Your background should reflect that trait.

Now that you’ve read a few tips in picking a location. Here are some locations I suggest. If you decide to use any of these locations, make sure they work with the time of day your pictures are and that they work with your style. Also, if any of them are on personal property, permission is always required before shooting.


If you want simple and a non-distracting background, head over to the white brick wall that’s located next to NoBull Smokehouse.


A pop of color can make your images look fun! 8th St downtown Fargo has a variety of color. It’s also right next to a graffiti wall for even more personality.


Think outside the box if you want a unique look. For example, who doesn’t like the fresh scent of laundry when shooting prom pictures? The light is certainly beautiful at Fargo’s Finest Coin Laundromat.


Want a modern twist with a city look, check out the Federal Courthouse. Bonus of this location is the overhang and white cement. They reflect the light so nicely.

I’m working on some other great locations for my Prom Sessions this year. If you want stand-out images with a great location, book your session with us!

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