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2020 Senior VIP Team | Senior Pictures

Now Accepting Applicants

Join the Class of 2020’s Senior VIP Team!!

The time is HERE & NOW! We’ve opened up to accept applicants for our 2020 Senior VIP Team!! 

We’re looking for students graduating high school in 2020, that not only want more out of their senior portraits, but want a variety of unique editorial photo shoots!  Our team specializes in senior photography and our Senior VIP Team gets the top of the line benefits, sessions, and experience!!

So if you’re a 2020 high school senior and would love to be apart of our team, then click the button below and start the experience that you’ll love all through your senior year!


Are you ready for this!?!? Per popular demand, we are extending our Senior VIP Team and inviting the gentleman that are graduating high school in 2020! The ladies have reaped the benefits of multiple sessions, being stylized by local boutiques, and fun events throughout the year. Now it’s your turn!!

So if you’re a 2020 high school senior GUY and would love to be a part of next year’s team, then click the button below and get your name on “THE” list to be updated.


You don’t have to be great to start. But you DO have to start to be great. – zig zagler

I’d love to have everyone on the team, but I can only offer this opportunity to a limited number of 2020 seniors. Keep scrolling to learn some of the great benefits of being on the team!


Here’s the information you’ve all been waiting for! What are the benefits of being on our Senior VIP Team…

1. Multiple Sessions:

Our motto is “You’re a senior for an entire year…why limit your senior pictures to one day!?!?” Being part of our Senior VIP Team, you not only get a (1)luxury session with the entire team, but you also get your very own (2)personal session. The session is custom designed around you! We also partner with RSVP by Alan Evans for a (3)prom session. Finally, I personally work on (4)editorial shoots throughout the year and my Senior VIP Team gets to participate in these shoots. So if you were keeping count, thats FOUR sessions!! So…do you just want one basic senior session this upcoming year or do you want FOUR amazing photo shoots? I know what I would choose!

2. Professionally Stylized:

Being a high school junior/senior is stressful. Between homework, part time jobs, and school activities, it seems like shopping for your senior portraits gets pushed to the back burner. Why not let a professional stylize you? Our Senior VIP Team is professionally stylized by local boutiques! This year I’m proud to announce that Francesca’s, the Buckle, & RSVP by Alan Evans will be stylizing our team for their luxury & prom sessions. They will help you look your best and be on trend.

Not only does your attire matter, but why stress about your hair & makeup. Let our well trained stylists pamper you and make you look your best! We work with some of the best in the area: Formal Elegance hair and makeup Ashley Trappen & Millionhair by Meresa. For the ladies, professionally styled hair & makeup is included at least twice throughout the year.

3. Discounts:

Not only does our Senior VIP Team get a MAJOR discount on their senior session, but they also get discounts with some of our local boutiques. Being able to save on outfits for your senior session or your future Prom attire can be a huge savings.

We also offer “VIP only” product and referral discounts to our team. Only our Senior VIP Team can earn savings toward their own order. You have the opportunity to a lot of FREE product!!

4. Luxury Locations:

Location, Location, Location! This is a very important part to making your senior pictures unique and eye catching. We want to give our Senior VIP Team luxury locations. That’s why we work with some of the best realtors & property owners in the area to secure unique, beautiful locations, that set the best portraits. This year we’re proud to announce that we’ll be shooting one of our luxury locations and the newest, hottest sought out venues in the area….The Pines. We’ve also partnered with Kari Myhre, a Park Co Realtor, and she’s invited us to use her very own vintage property!! Definitely a one of a kind spot.

5. Supporting your Community:

Being able to to give back and help others in your community is truly a gift. Our Senior VIP Team has the opportunity to do this with our new program Seniors Helping Seniors. We’ll be working with Bethany Retirement Living to bring smiles and helpful hands to their community. Not only is this a way to give back, but it also looks great on college applications!

6. Fun Events:

There’s always time for fun and we definitely like to have fun with our team. That’s why this year we’ll be offering our ladies and FREE makeup up class taught by one of the best makeup artists in the area, Ashley Trappen. Our guys will be able to cheer on one of our local teams at a sporting event…let’s go Fargo Force and Redhawks!!

The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. – Eleanor Roosevelt


Check out our 2019 Senior VIP Team’s luxury session at the beautiful Vintage Garden! These gorgeous girls were stylized by leela & lavender and pampered with professional hair & makeup from Formal Elegance and Millionhair by Meresa.

So…what are you waiting for!?!? Get your name in now to see if you can be part of our 2020 Senior VIP Team. This opportunity is very limited and won’t last long!!

2020 Senior VIP Team


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